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¬ dieselampel / guide to life (add/venture)






¬ g u i d e  t o  l i f e  3.o

you are alone. you have no strength. you have no hope. you have no chance.
we see what you see. we do what you do. we live as you live. we are you
this is the real world
black not white
this is work
ideologically advanced
individual urban concept
cool. intense. dives right in
this is gas
particle systems
it will scare you silly
stay messed up all day
let me be your secret agent
your future starts here
last orders?
imagination can change the world
let your mind run free
change direction
little monsters, big ideas
be aware
don't expect to find them just anywhere
see what you can do
play god
set your mind free to be controlled by me
one way to splice your genetic code
there can be only one
tomorrow's truth today
share the moment
relaxed attitude
walk - don't run
top light
the creative connection
pure magic
impress me...
reassuringly expensive
doing your own thing
up for it?
keep it simple
concentrating on what really matters...
for a hundred million reasons
why wait?
i still haven't had one
come to pastures new
it's in your hand
for every generation
forgotten your papers?
please refrain from discussing communication problems
and you thought this was a train ride from hell
listen to the city
bring on the day
light blue
just something like you've never seen before
an issue on the future
the new grey
beyond infinity
nothing to add
just add
soft bodies. magnetism. rigid bodies. friction. fluid. smoke.
the tell tale signs
street instinct forever
speed restrictions do not apply
embrace the future
fast stimulation for body and mind
intelligence everywhere
the power behind the industry
draw your own conclusions...
easy access for all
certain people have it
there is a simple explanation...
she could see right through me. Or perhaps she was looking at someone else.
deploy with caution
you can
look forward
obsessional behaviour
don't miss a thing
get labelled
black label
don't let it go to your head
not everything is black and white

15 states
some you want to keep secret
compensate for the weight of your ego
enjoy the difference
b different
forever different
tight fisted
be materialistic
filthy slut
some hurt
chilling you softlycencor
one hit is all it takes
drop the bomb
it's a job thing
simply take control
protest, support and act
unparalleled communication
built to resist
altogether the better choice
dreaming of a better world
your peace of mind
we can't afford to take a day off.
enjoy the freedom of 7p a day
free thinking
straight dealing - straight talking
it's what you make of it
always breaking new ground
don't settle for anything lessfor every generation
fun around every corner
suck blow
twice as tempting; for her, for him
is that you?
we're good
let's make things better
puts you in total control
at peace

ultraviolette man
can you take the pace?
all speed, no worry!
been there. done that
do wonderful things with your eyes
gives you the edge
you'll be left speechless
one moment that will last forever
it's what lies ahead
go create
come visit, go create
best of british
the difference is in the detail
go there
no fakes
life's hard enough...
ultra-strong treatment for the seriously messed up.
a smarter world
just drink it
don't knock it until you've tried it
get the answers before you face the question
get extreme
we go further so you don't have to.
212 men.
skill. flair. drive. dream
what's in for me?
faster faster!
you've never known so much pain. want to know more?
there are defenders and then there are defenders
and you thought your school was hard
warning: uncontrollable physical phenomena.

stand out
play it smart
be gentle with him
say it with flowers
believe in beauty
sheer brilliance
more than love
simply irresistible
love the skin you're in
stay special
the bigger the heart the greater the passion
putting your smile back on your face
open your mind
everybody in rubber
serious playtime
stop thinking
just what you've been looking for
you could love it too much
you don't want to look at anything else
we have a choice
you make it happen
you just know
you can't beat the system
daily routine
see what you're missing
don't try to understand it
do something you love for a living
happy now...

get invited
do something wonderful
break the time barrier
upgrade your life
you write the story
because you're worth it
reassuringly expensive
stay ahead of the rest
the greatest escape
ideas for life
created for women
share the feeling before the day is over
don't go home, go out
who needs talent?
when reality isn't good enough
come alive
use your head
shift expectations
get some direction
you've made your choice
expect the best
look no further
after this nothing will be the same
love, sweet love
loves you to the very core of your being

hollywood in your home
time to dream
fast food
pleasure you can't measure
all this is a lot closer than you think
get a breath of fresh air
smells like team spirit
the team works
leader versus follower
know the score
stay ahead of the rest
life work party
total grooming system
some people are just good at everything
hear see sense reflect think
the best a man can get
don't expect to find them just anywhere
everyone's invitedcool blue
come alive, a wildly different wake up call
for whatever makes you sweat
push yourself to the max
be inspired
intelligence everywhere
life should be beautiful
diesel for successful living
you have to see it to believe it
expose yourself. anytime, anyplace
tonight is my turn to choose where we're going
thousands who've made it watched by millions who haven't
feel the presence
ultimate purity
whatever turns you on
we are you##

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