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*ppc #3

s p a m


. new awkward afterglow bombshell poison orange constellation timing misplaced paper white
. privileged hip scarlet boxed cunt sleeps
. lustre tongue gardens collate lava residue money relativity absolute maelstrom
. untitled altered books spooky dreamscape ubiquitous smile maybe I am dead
. low escape yes man kinky club pink vagina autoerotic red window doll blowjob girlie sinister darling rubber tree dildo day of the dead


. hope shining diamond spiral staircase descending tax-free figure
. clumsy lover foolish intercourse seductive delight cocaine addiction execute masterpiece
. melancholy quite bittersweet red rose hips black shit by air mail elements of noise
. count stairs to the top infinite kisses love the one you're with
. lovely succulent hungry-ghost moist exquisite word defiant paradigm lover loves singular gangbang


. witness naughty scar give me hell's birken stock sticks and I don't meet pretty girls - I only dream of them
. day of boiled fingertips hearts like cotton candy scribble ink paint modernism the american dream machine what we all wish for and want and work like dogs for match stick love
. metropolis dummy parenthetical pathetic rhetoric elsewhere incognito democrats distant and remote irrelevant foreign culmination
. mystery trip in November blue passion cute innocent friend sour warm cuddle soft pain bite epidemic poison
. blind window sleep light pizza day snail moon waxing waning forever


. dreams whisper nonsensical memories
. translucent icicle rain shifting winds rainfall find silence
. memory extinct forget distrust conserve starflake pictures
. red drama curtain velvet pocket rock a beautiful beauty seven wishes shooting stars always here
. look back change the clouds bizarre sky wind torn tree
. ripped anchor go ship cut live eat razor take scissors call say ignore the cold


. fly free bird dark quiet song chase chase hide run sparkle refill swell
. robotic writing altered books hope for more entropie kits and wish boutiques
. red telephone book violet exclusiveness yellow lotus tree english television room inside weapons carrier red suit of clothes liquid soap fresh foods white truck traffic white dog's-tooth violet chemical formula
. chemical crimson enlightenment swollen sexual magnets sore lips yes walk past utopia

made from random body-text of spam, visuals made from medical images, source: google-pix "labia" 19.05.04