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¬ satellite b (truisms in response to Jenny Holzer))






Images of the city speak their own language, controversial and crisp.
Accept the past as not written but corrupted.
Become aware of unfavourable shifts in institutional laws.
People without a past believe that others are ignorants.
My eyes are the history that should be.
CCTV is cracking down on illegal activities which leaves the practice legal.
Too often every day is a potential void, infected by versions of looped news.
Others seem to indicate but not define us as more or less appropriate pawns in a game of chess.
In the dust with your face you realise that truth can be a dead cold kiss.
Human variables clash: intimidation without restraints.
Know your territory then develop lightweight and lukewarm demands of traditional bliss.
There are outbreaks of historical reconstructions.
Enjoy life so i can stick with you.
I inevitably memory will reveal the real nature of simulation.
To argue about personalities is a bad philosophy.
Communication conventions express our time.
We are quite willing to line up options within a modest expectation.
Simplicity is the root sign.
We are here, and we are merely a glimmer.
Know, who you are and time has everything.
Plastic fools have lost their childhood.
Disillusions are a matter of position.
Absence is a line between voice and substance.
Potential voids require different states of being.
Not everybody knows but without the river there wouldn't be a beginning and an end and everything in between.
Chess board figures in invisible battles resist treason.
Pleasure is a major element in the life of characters.
We seem to abandon our own past yet we often record a deja-vu, momentarily destracted by earlier impressions.
It only takes a glance to see how exposed we are.
All our financial and media centres will fall to war.
Identity is never an established fact but a contested domain in which a belief in nothing is far from nihilistic.
Patience rules the never ending confrontation with human chaos.
The city's learning while somewhere else the city fails.
It's our second nature that defeats us.
The will to destroy is fuelled by doubt.
Calculate the number of potential friends as well as enemies.
What is now will be diluted in memories.
So much comes comfortably if you don't acknowledge but supercede the bricks which make your past.
Free with an asterisk is a word we have known for years.
Truth is uncertainty.
Forget everything that has to do with morals.
Compromised logic makes it possible to dispose of true intruders.
If you fear go behind it and continue.
War is Peace
The muteness of individuals is understood as an agreement.


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