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¬ Arch / Klenba - Natalie Waldbaum, Max Ensslin (Czech Republic+UK)

"Two weaknesses falling into each other to create strength" - Leonardo da Vinci's definition of an arch.

In a dark room two figures stand leaning against each other, arms outstretched, their bodies forming an arch. They push into each other until their weakness/strength is overcome by the force of gravity and the bridge of their bodies collapses; the body, like water takes the path of least resistance, downwards. There is a fine balance between resistence and desire to fall, if either of them takes charge or resigns the bridge will crumble. Too much resistence or resignation on either side will cause the destruction of the entire delicate structure. nat

thanks to for offering support, equipment and an open door, NoD for ambience, tunes and booze and who created a brilliant new platform.


max ensslin febo4 ~:)