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p l o t  51

 plot51 was made public in three versions: performance, installation/reading, html.

 The essence of my non-screen based work is geared towards the notion of  a communication through touch.

  Two performers stand diagonally in the middle of a black studio, leaning against each others palms with arms outstretched. They are illuminated by spot lights from above. Also illuminated from above and taped to the floor white text on blue paper forms a cross providing the “plot”.

 They wear blue trousers and a white sleeveless vests, all visible skin is covered in white, the heads are shaven.

 The bodies appear as  static icons, their appearance disguise their true identity and place them into a field of fictional assumptions. Yet the bodies do struggle, they tremble, they begin to malfunction, and this is real.

 So in the end plot51 is a piece about love. It is about giving up resistance against the anxiety of giving away. Loss and memory go hand in hand....




plot51 was performed by ody jarmann and max ensslin @ dcoa, UK 2oo1