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¬ work / war is peace




¬ w a r  i s  p e a c e

The initial motivation for three versions was triggered by the state of world affairs in autumn 2003 (under the heading enduring freedom) and a closer look at the german word for "history" - Geschichte, an image of virtual sediment or a virtual process of layering. 

¬ performance / installation

the performance condenses aspects of conflict throughout the twentieth century into an installed action (installaction) whilst speeding up man's history of modern war. Not to be seen as an external political statement the sound piece draws on empathy towards a situation people are faced with when the skyline around them glows orange under bombardement - we become aware that war all too often happens somewhere out there, forcing us to rethink of what it might be like to be the target of "smart bombs" and the mayhem around us, like war coming home.

orange flashes

a black room and a table with an orange globe placed on top of orange cloth with an orange spotlight directly above.
a soundtrack with an ambient hollow soundscape and a cut up radio voice reporting of bombings: orange glows and orange flares somewhere in the distance outside the city...fading in and out.
the performer sits at the table adding crosses to a fictional landmass until the shapes of continents become apparent.

¬ sequential projection (cdrom / html)


An underlying theme is the exploration of "modes of vision" and the instrumentalisation of historic themes in order to shape public opinion by giving evidence through assertion as well as through repetition. George Orwell in 1984 describes how language, here new speak can turn a slogan like "war is peace" into a truism. Hence found Texts (from the "Guardian") were turned into the imperative and then projected onto a wall. here is a html-copy (more>>)

¬ poster / stencil



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