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max ensslin was born in south germany, since 1998 he spends his time mostly in devon, GB.
he is a nomad, writer and artist who embraces various notions of performative writing such as performance, documentary, text-installation and interventions into concepts of home, transit and otherness. versioning includes performance, installation, web-art, video, readings and fotography.
after completing a masters degree in Performance Writing @ Dartington College of Arts he currently researches aspects of performative writing in data environments such as databank driven narratives in a context of autodestructive art as proposed by Gustav Metzger.

he also continues a long standing relationship with incidentally generated digital writing:
found material, fragmented, scanned and re-edited, maintains the basis of an ongoing project that utilizes left-over text for versions of imaginary scenes. what you see here is a public back-up of texts in various stages of development.

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max ensslin
2 Seymour Villas
Totnes TQ9 5MX


(cc) max ensslin o311 ~:)