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In 2000 I invited You to participate in an interactive experiment .
From mid-September until the end of October I was travelling through Germany, Sweden and Britain on an old MZ combination wherever you sent me. Texts appeared on the site and comments and considerations were added onto the forum. This way what you read was not not represent an ordinary travel log but a rather de-localized experience.

The representation of “content” in the world-wide-web, the display, interactivity and notions of pseudo-realistic perception offers a concept of a site, a term attached to locality and “physical” means of navigation.
Travelling in the “real” world exposed me to people, places and local norms, yet by being “remotely controlled” I became influenced by people I didn’t actually meet. So how does this influence the reading and writing of our perceived reality?
The important factor was to have less control over the content and style of the texts and my destination respectively.
Thank you to the many helpers, especially oln for hard- and software tuning, daniel for the laptop, and of course, you.

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