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reading grenzland

What do I have to do with it?

Take a look around: fraudsters, tricksters, hooligans, gangs who control their part of the city, breathing in our own destruction. The scruffy truth only shows in the places beyond control, with their own codes and order, illiterates unable to read the signs signifying the no-go zone.

New buildings spread a sense of utopia where humans are as streamlined and designed as the places they frequent, passing through a man-made emptiness.

Sometimes one catches a smile, then a door opens in the wall the people have built around themselves, after all we do appreciate the niches where there is no wind, where we feel protected and alive without being threatened by something which we can't control.

grenzland was performed in the Las Palmas building, rotterdam in november 2001 within a collective showing supported by APT, Antwerp, Belgium.
APT is related to the Posthogeschool voor Podiumskunsten also in Antwerp. (


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