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¬ berlin02 04.04.02




¬ neuland #23




Everyone used the steps and although this station was restored some years ago it is going to die. On the other side we see another progressive movement covering an old wound. *We need the stabilization of city traffic*. Lehrter station seems to float over the cold scarred earth, a construction that had grown calmly on several levels like a division of different ideas that span over more complex delays: on the other side of the Spree the kanzlei waits nervously. And the costs still increase. The old soil became rearranged again, I could not enter, iron fences and lights spread a belt of a concentrated sense of metropolis.

The old station is a quiet sigh held in time will not remain, already overgrown by the new buildings perpetuating time. Behind the dirty walls more small white shining gaps appear and show the favoured future.