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¬ berlin02 29.03.02 Regierungsbezirk




¬ neuland #20



German delegates spend their spare time in the corners of the buildings and scrub their backs on the walls. complaints of several Members of the Bundestag state that their clothes got dirty when touching the concrete walls of the Paul Loebe house. since the Bundestag told the building commission immediately, we seem to have a serious problem. according to federal building firm Berlin (BBB) the problem could be solved if a special kind of varnish was applied onto exposed concrete areas. The costs: 724000 euro. apparently some of the concrete walls of the other buildings are stained, and these have to be done up likewise. The costs would sum up to 572000 euro, the total amount 1300000 euro. We are ready to pay.

(this translated version was taken from an article by gertrude schildbach in "steinschlag" 3/o2)