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¬ berlin02 17.03.02 bar 23




¬ neuland #13



people stand closely and feel themselves into animated bass tunes wich melt into the conversations. in a hidden corner a woman covers her lover, i count controlled loops and absorb lite interaction.

dirty vapour: lean frequencies, more oscillations, some die, some produce pictures. and at the tables my companions dissolves into a redish hue.
i estimate the level towards an immune culture which drinks, likewise i shift reality, true, and perfums sift through me and create the flames that trigger memories, paint a Berlin for those who explain blue lights in the dark.

in the long run the signal looses frequencies and i reach out into the scene of a shrinking friday, turn around and thoughts too diluted by now to make sense vanish into a humming deep pitched drone.


a girl appears: looking up i hear her true story, the difference between the words and a more rosy picture.
a dozen people around me smile and she asks What did you think when you woke up this morning?
other people to whom the best part didn't really matter say this was shit: unexplained details of a night spent with some funky psychedelic components.
i feel a dark grin and consider a take-away meal after I had forgotten to count my remaining money.

as long as it's not not just reality, i thought and by then she left. i sit in the corner to order another pint, the bar continues to enhance an already blurred sensation.

i look over the table covered in slowly moving spots and listen to expectations and rumours, locked in a cell behind the window panes.