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¬ berlin02 21.2.02




¬ neuland #1



resolve the mist in the streets of another city, see it as another view on the world.
some places are evidently built to fade away.
pink tubes over the side-walks obscure the small creatures who love to struggle through an ever changing surrounding.
some faces reflect a slow collapse into an uninspiring wet winter day, physically they're here as their technicolor outfit attests.

in front of a garage in kreuzberg i find old footballs, dogshit, tyres and debris, wet as this morning,
wood and next door's dead cat,
forgotten about

i have to stay awake where the light is dim, someone
had sprayed a hand onto the wall of a refurbished house and onto a van parked nearby,
late boozers look thirsty, just go home. somehow the day crawls to an end.

he asked if she was single and she said yes. phone numbers change hands, safe level
(like this chain on a dismantled bike) and she said that she hadn't had an intense experience lately.
projected shadows on the walls of a darkened brick wall, the two stare at each other longingly.

brightly coloured trams display excessive advertisements to the masses who travel north
through nostalgic versions of their past. the tram's doors are opened.
It is 4 at night and a freezing figure steps inside.