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language is being bought by commercial copyright holders who attribute a slogan or similar to a product.

freetext reclaims language as a common property: songs for generations to come, stories for the enjoyment of all, images which satisfy a pleasure in aesthetics, offering tools for the creative mind.

freetext shares resources and opens up the communicative bandwidth, enhances diversity and eliminates faults, in short: enriches the cultural spectrum.

freetext uses public spaces (real and virtual) as canvas, is unpredictable, meanders over borders distinguishing public from private, redistributes a sense of belonging without exclusion, proposes a wider narrative, proclaims the status quo and diversifies it.

freetext makes use of different media, genres and technologies and undergoes close scrutiny (due to its public nature). it may become discarded or rejected yet encourages further development of proposed sources.

freetext offers a platform for various occupations and questions established systems of distribution; it criticizes and exposes censorship hidden or not, which merely benefits a financial interest

freetext opposes a system, which supports the centralization of communicative commercial resources and uses its own propaganda fighting these inhibiting issues.

freetext deconstructs a notion of "common sense" and supports an alternative infrastructure.

freetext writes along its own codes and makes them transparent to others.

freetext finds itself embedded in a matrix without beginning or end but acknowledges assumed reference points, which are known. there is no truth and hence can't be sold as such.

freetext uses networks that it establishes and reforms at the same time. its common state is evolutionary, not restrictive.


max ensslin febo4 ~:)