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¬ berlin02 04.03.02 wasteland




¬ neuland #5



after walking for miles i arrived at the bernauerstrasse, one of the few places which still shows the abandoned dividing line, now, instead of a wall a long strip of wasteland reminds of demolished houses whose entombed cellars still exist underneath the rubble.

in a manner of an 80s east berliner i thought go visit the other side: this way. but i turned back towards kastanienallee, just followed the old stone plates which make east berlin's side walks. these are things made in a better way, less sophisticated, spitting in the face of a system's routine, the polishing of all grown patina.

left; looked at the styled facades, here and there i can see the bullet holes on a scarred brownish-grey building, a reminder of war days, soon to be painted in a modern hue. a shudder runs down my spine.

saturday, night: i observe the night hawks looking for some food, sunday: at two o'clock two youngsters are still in a hallucinatory state.

later at the deutsche guggenheim museum (unter den linden) i join a crowd to watch bill viola's latest video work: time seems to expand in a 35 minute frame, and i realise: people smell, videos don't.