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¬ berlin02 23.2.02 blinkenlights




¬ neuland #3




an old socialist block with empty windows close to Berlin Alexanderplatz displays cryptic messages, bill-board style.
frequencies of winter, sharp lines, mirrored geometrically on the wet tarmac.
on the right, the kongresshalle fassade shows the black flag of the chaoscomputerclub, byebye blinkenlights.
for months digicams between the buildings recorded a somewhat particular policy of the new human dependence on media.

impossible to grasp and uncommon, a desire for one's own governments and amateur phenologists, more a revelation for one brief moment: the unexpected concern with more modern issues which have implications for our future, functional and shiny blinkenlights flashes odd objects into an environment saturated with glass, iron and chrome, into a world where text becomes a device through which artificiality is maintained.

later people dance inside a soft curve within a crumbling socialist dream frozen in austere wood panels and steel
and i listen to remarks like to be modern is to live a life of errors (ALT+F4).

the terrain of a culture with potential to capture people who study the sharp distinction between private and public where the familiar is constantly under attack.

check www.blinkenlights.de/gallery/index.en.htm